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Hardy marksman drifter

Started by Hill loch gold, April 29, 2023, 07:35:12 AM

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Hill loch gold

I managed to get my hands on 1 of these at the weekend, after being on the lookout for a couple of years.
I broke the tip section on my original in caithness. The rods were on the holders on the car, the rain came on and 1 of my droppers got caught in the window wiper and snapped the tip section.
I then replaced the rod with 1 of the #6 hardy ultralites for the time being. I don't often use a #6 these days, with 90% of my fishing being done with a 9ft #5, but there was sentimental value in the rod for me, so in the end i really just paid a few hundred quid to take the tip section off another rod for my own 😂

I might give it a cast this weekend for old times sakes


I have a Drifter 10ft 5# which is a good boat rod. So that means I don't use it much in case I break it and cheap rods are usually the order of the day !!!  Daft really, I should be enjoying the use of it.
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Quote from: Bobfly on April 29, 2023, 03:54:40 PM
Daft really, I should be enjoying the use of it.

A rod you worry about using  in case you break it is no longer a rod.  ;D

I use my old 9' Sage ZXL #4 all the time, it's a magic wand. I know when I eventually break it I'll never get another or get it fixed. Better that than never taking it out of the tube!  :)


I treated myself to a Hardy #5 weight 9 footer, use it for everything, even Sea Trout and Salmon, not that I have hooked a Salmon with it yet!


I certainly use the 10ft Drifter but it is more a special occasions rod. Too much risky clattering about with some others in boats. OK on my own. Good from the bank too.
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Hill loch gold

I took the rod out yesterday for a few hours.
It was good to be reacquainted with it again and get a few fish



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