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All the Time in the World - John Gierach

Started by Wildfisher, May 03, 2023, 08:47:39 AM

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I'm currently reading this latest offering from John Gierach. The format is the usual collection of magazine sized stories and if you enjoy  Gierach you will enjoy this.

He is my favourite fly fishing writer yet the  curious thing is he has really been repeating the same story over and over for 40 years. That's not a criticism, rather a complement because in order to pull that off you do have to have a unique style. 

It's like an ACDC song, you know what you are going to get before you hear it, yet fans still enjoy it!

Gierach is a one off, but he has his imitators, of his style at least,  Bob Wyatt being one IMO  but to be fair they are both north American fly fishing writers so similarities are bound to crop up.

All the Time in the World is a great bedtime read. Available in print and Kindle

Clan Chief

Good to hear your thoughts on this Fred I'm intending purchasing this soon. One of my favourite fishing writers. He once said or he quoted someone else who said " That the Best fishing books are not actually about the fishing"
If that makes sense! I kinda get that too


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