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New Rod Advice

Started by rubberwellie, June 08, 2023, 12:49:26 PM

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Hi all, first time posting in quite a long time mainly because I've been chasing salmon for the last few years. I've been thinning out my salmon gear recently and looking to do a bit more trout fishing moving forward.

I'm in the market for a new rod and looking at 9ft 4-5 weight options. I would be using this for wild brown trout river fishing (dries and nymphs) and maybe also for fishing dries on still waters.

I'm minded to buy something quite nice and two rods I've considered recently are a second hand 9ft #4 Hardy Zenith and a 9ft #5 Sage Sonic.

I'm wondering if one rod will cover both jobs and if I should be leaning toward a #4 or a #5. Also wondering if anyone has any views on the Zenith, Sonic or any other alternative.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Let them go.


Can't comment on either of these rods, but what I would say is don't get too hung on tackle. I'd go for the #4 wt to start with if you are doing a lot of river fishing. Have you considered the Maxcatch range of rods? They are not expensive and get good reports. I'd go for a mid to tip action, something not too fast and poker-like.


Check this out. A few other members have gone down the Maxcatch route


I have the Zenith 8'6" 4-weight and I like it a lot. Quite a stiff rod (compared to my others). Very accurate and when necessary can punch a line out a fair way. Use it mainly for dries but sometimes for nymphs. All on lochs.


I've been using Maxcatch premier rod  9 ft 6 wt for this season so far I find for the money they are excellent in fact I've just bought another one  and a  5 wt I worked in a well known tackle shop for years and yes certainally you do get many tackle tarts but if you don't have a decent casting technique a £600 plus rod won't make it any better but each to their own I've fished beside guys with many of these expensive brand rods and reels and they didn't cast any further or catch any more fish than me and the fish don't care how shiney your reel is or the name tattooed on the rod blank they only care about the little bit of fluff on the end of your nylon


The Maxcatch reels are very good, I use  them now most of the time. The lines are excellent and are argued over with great bitterness, in fact  rancour,  on FFF. Same as everything else.  ;D

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