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Wynter Puukko

Started by SoldierPmr, August 13, 2023, 11:15:05 PM

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Wynter Puukko

1095 Blade

Blade Length: 105mm
Saber grind

Blade thickness: 3.3mm tapers to 2.3mm

Handle: Fallow Deer Antler, Spalted Birch Burl both sourced locally and Brass

Handle Length 112mm

£10 postage and proof of age



Very fine workmanship Liam.
Very attractive knife and sheath.
What is the finishing for the handle? Is it many coats of a lacquer?
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Thank you Vaughan, It's many layers of danish oil. Ive played about with linseed and tung oil before. I always preferred the results of danish oil.


It has more of a deep gloss in those photos than I thought would come from an oil finish. I use Tung oil for most wood turnings and Danish oil as well. Also easier to maintain an oil finish.
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I soak it over night in the oil. I then repeat the process for less time until the oil stops soaking in. Once the wood isn't absorbing any more I add very small layers and build up a gloss finish.

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