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Scottish Grayling Season Screwed?

Started by Wildfisher, October 10, 2023, 04:52:53 PM

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With the rainy season just about to start in earnest, the  rivers already being massive and  the ground saturated it's highly unlikely they will drop to optimal grayling fishing levels until next spring and will stay high, dirty grey and very cold.

Is the grayling season already a write-off?

Not that I'd be going anyway, winter is the time to do other things.  8)  ;D


If there is no more rain tonight I'm having a go at the grayling tomorrow.  I usually trot for grayling and like a bit of height in the river.  The usual problem just now is leaves coming of the trees.



Trotting would be your best bet for sure.


I need a new clutch, well my car does, then I intend to get oot when the rivers are no longer lakes


I, for one, hope not. This will be my first opportunity to fish in Scotland since 2018. Who is planning to go out this winter and where are you going?
Kinkell Bridge would be my first choice but a friend of mine has just started fly fishing and lives in Lennoxtown. I was wondering if any of the Forth waters are worth a day rate?

I have never fly fished for grayling before as I used to trot but sold my gear to Tomcatin back in 2010. I wonder if he ever caught any on it?

Any tips on equipment, flies and tactics would be gratefully received as well.
Schrodinger's troots pictured above.


Leaded nymphs seem to be the go to these days, but I still stick a wet on a dropper as well, pink or red in the fly helps short line and use an indicator if you have even depths. In winter they seem to stick close to the bottom, I was trotting worms on the Isla and you had to slow the float down to get a bite.
I shall be on the Isla and Dean all being well and possibly the Tay too.

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