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Get your wellies on

Started by Wildfisher, October 18, 2023, 09:31:35 AM

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I was looking at the Arbroath harbour webcam, looks like some good photographic opportunities to be had :)
Don't worry, be happy.
Carried it in full, then carry it out empty.

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I guess this is what you call a spate. Parts of the main road have been washed away a few miles upstream at Marykirk. I saw some footage of the floods in Brechin an hour ago and I swear to you there was a salmon swimming up the main street.


Seems to be three people who have died, swept away ?
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That's the historic Brig o' Dun screwed then. Unreal.

bridge of dun.jpg


I think when the Balmakewan lodge/fishing hut gets refurbished this time, it had better be put on stilts.


Seems the lady who was washed into the water above Loch Lee was part of a deer stalking party


Knowing that area as well as I do I just could not fathom why anyone  would be up  there in those conditions.


Well...I arrived from my trip in Norway into Aberdeen airport at 4pm Thursday. Bit of a bumpy landing but the flights through Norway had been fine and in fact the flight to Bergan had been spectacular with a dusting of snow on the higher coastal peaks being picked by the bright sunshine.
I knew the trains had been cancelled and I had got a hire car to get me to Fife and I was to stop off and see my parents in Brechin on the way. The first part of the journey was difficult with the strong winds bouncing the car all over the rioad on the open parts of the Aberdeen bypass. Passing lorries involved 2 secs of blindness until the wip[ers cleared the water off the screen but the further I went the easier it got and I got to Brechin around 5>30. Quick cup of coffee and I pushed on South. The rain was relentless and i started to see more and more foliage and small branches on the A90. However the scary part was the standing water. It was getting dark and the light was never god anyway. I had been keeping my speed down to 60/65 but just past the South Esk bridge I hit standing water that had me heading for the verge. I was planning my route into the grass when I got it back and stayed on the road. Not my first aquaplane but they are never enjoyable. From Forfar to Dundee it was best to drive in a convoy with about 5 car lengths between so you could see them hit the water before you did.
Dundee had lots of foliage and the bridge was down to one lane. I also got a phonecall from Mrs Z to tell me that the Parbroath crossroads was flooded and I had to go via Cupar. I knew this is a very tree/lined route so I knew to keep the speed down. Anyway I had a bit of branch dodging from Cupar to Kennoway but I got home safe.

Life can throw some stuff at you when you have to travel.
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