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This Morning

Started by Wildfisher, November 12, 2023, 03:12:31 PM

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This morning at the sluices on the Vinny Water at Friockheim.

The Vinny supplies the River Lunan with the bulk of its water. The old Victorian technology sluices here used to supply the dam that powered Douglas Fraser & Sons textile works in the village.

We used to fish there when we were kids and I remember my grandad telling me he fished it too in the dim and distant past. Granda and his pals liked a drink so heaven knows what they got up to back then!

In the late 1960s Arbroath Angling  Club (oldest angling club in Scotland) used to stock the dam with fingerling trout which were grown on and released into the Lunan. Happy days and a far cry from the large clonal triploid  fish used for stocking nowadays. It's better not to stock at all really.

These days Friock Dam, which was always a bonnie spot, has been renamed "The Mill Pond" and looks like a bomb has hit it.

vinney sluice.jpg


Not been there, do you still fish the Vinny going up towards Letham at all?


I've never fished it above Friock Richard.

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