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Started by Wildfisher, November 17, 2023, 02:52:27 PM

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A few Arbroath images captured this morning. You grow up  in your home town and take it for granted, but it's not until you are older that you really appreciate it.

keptie 1.jpg

keptie 2.jpg

keptie 3.jpg

keptie 4.jpg

vicky 1.jpg


Nice pics.

I think I have been to Arbroath in the dark, distant past. Is there a miniature railway there? If there is then I have been :)
Don't worry, be happy.
Carried it in full, then carry it out empty.

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The miniature railway, alas, is no more.  :(


Fred very sequence of shots how much processing are you doing or just a straight convert from raw to jpeg


I do a bit of processing with Photoshop Colin, mainly exposure adjustments. These cameras have a huge dynamic range but it is still important to use the histogram when taking the shots to be sure the balance is there.

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