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Folklore customs/guide to weather seasons predictions

Started by burnie, August 26, 2008, 09:50:09 AM

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Do we believe in the country folklore about predicting the weather,especially the winter ahead.I'm told we have another "bumper heather" this year,and after taking visitors up to Glen Shee yesterday,it's clear to see we do indeed have a bumper crop this year.Noticed a lot of Fieldfares up Glen Esk as well , feeding on the bumper crop of Rowan.Is this the harbinger of a bad winter or just a load of old wifeys tales?


A bumper crop of fruit in the autumn usually means it has been a good spring for pollination as there have been plenty of insects about. I have noticed that the heather is blooming early this year as are a few other autumn plants, I put that down to a cool wet summer with less sun.

I think the country as a whole will see a lot of snow this winter with a really cold spell at the beginning of the year with low temperatures. Spring should be warmer too next year.
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 :lol:  :lol: :lol: :lol:   

a think a heard one about the earlier the berries the harder the winter-----but dont quote me 


QuoteA Couple of photos earlier this month.
1st is a local road2nd is the junction pool in Kelso

I would say the best chance of a fish would be just behind the white water in that road pic :P

Protect the edge.


steve ----

took these two a couple of minutes   apart up at shin a few weeks ago---and ten minutes before that it was quite sunny    -think thats normal for there though :lol:

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