Author Topic: Global Warming Has Not Gone Away  (Read 226 times)

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Re: Global Warming Has Not Gone Away
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The coos are worse than I thought!  Apparently methane is more like 82 time more of a heating gas than CO2.

My understanding is that it is even more complex than that because the current levels of CO2 have mopped up a lot of the heat that CO2 is capable of "retaining" so increasing the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere does not necessarily increase the greenhouse effect of the CO2 as the CO2 out there is already doing about as much work as it can.

Historically the lowest CO2 levels were about 180ppm and the highest around 4000ppm, we are currently at about 415ppm or there abouts, having risen from about 230ppm in the late 1800s. Below about 100ppm life on earth will cease. Atmospheric CO2 encourages plant growth and a greening of the planet as it increases in concentration. I for one am relieved that CO2 concentrations are heading in the right direction as if they were to have got any lower then we would be in very deep trouble indeed. Another point to make is that CO2 concentrations were almost at the lowest level that we've ever seen on earth why would it be a surprise if they were to rise from this very low level to a higher level?