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Ross and Sage reels for sale.

Started by Sean Freeman, July 10, 2022, 11:23:50 PM

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Sean Freeman

New style sage click 3/4/5 in bronze with a near new Rio Elite Gold WF4 worth £129. Lovely reel that makes a sweet noise when a fish takes line! There are a couple of tiny pin head sized marks that aren't noticeable. Looking for £210 posted.

Second reel is a new style Ross Animas 7/8 in black loaded with an Airflo WF7 streamer line and I'll also include an SA SBT WF7, both lines have seen very little use. The reel would be perfect on a streamer or reservoir/loch setup, great drag with no start up inertia. Looking for £200 posted.

I'll email pics to anyone who is interested.


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