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Clyde Style Flies

Started by Wildfisher, October 10, 2022, 07:44:14 PM

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A great video from Davie. There is something special in the elegant simplicity of this style of fly.


Queue Highlander :)

They look too heavily tied to me, especially the wings, which should be slim and upright.
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Did wonder about, but still a think of beauty.  ;)


Like all my flees .... Davie says it's a "variant" !!
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east wind

I learned to tie from scratch at the Bert Sharp club. Every pattern was lifted, I think, from Sharp's books. Clyde style and strictly adhered to.

The sessions always finished up just before the season opened and then we would have a night with some beers and a blether.
On one of those nights I remember Wullie Gentles, then President of UCAPA, passing round a large polished wooden box given to him by Bert's wife after he died. Inside there was a twig pressed into foam with Bert's flies pushed into it. They were slim, sparse and exquisite.

The Hen Blackie was my favourite wet. Tied in #16 I fished a pair of them often through May and June, deadly at the right time. We had a few turns of hackle in front and behind the wing, the one behind helped get the wing more upright.

Wullie taught me my first fly, a black spider. After he died the club was renamed Sharp & Gentles.

Suffice to say my tying has deteriorated since those days and I tend to sit on the bank watching most of the time now, but I still keep a few Hen Blackies in the box.
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Davie is without a doubt a fine fly tier & the beauty of him is that he can cover many disciplines.
His Clyde Flees though whilst are very neatly tied & quite fishable are not strictly correct as too the marque. Like Sandy said generaly in a wee wet the wings should be a tad slimmer & upright what I can a "jaunty angle" I would have used lighter hook bit pedantic on my part I
reckon, still good stuff never the less.
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As Fred said, Davie's flees are things of beauty!

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