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Harris and Lewis

Started by Troot, July 29, 2015, 06:12:52 PM

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Hi All,

I'll be on out there at the end of August. Was just wondering if anyone had any experiences/opinions of the camping sites? Most look grand from what I see on google but I value forum opinions more...

Also if anyone knows of any nice B&Bs (for when the tent gets blown away!) that wont cost an arm and a leg then I'm all ears .

Thanks in advance


Great- thanks a lot for that. Looks like a cracking spot!
Not so sure about the fish pics...but I'll certainly give it a good go.


Cannot comment on the campsites for obvious reasons.
Personally, I would be pitching a tent beside any loch I decided to fish!
There will be very few (if any) dodgy B & Bs on the island as they have to compete for custom. Just make sure you have a list of them with you as internet and phone reception is poor on parts of the island.
There are a couple of beaches in Tolsta where nice dry areas are available to pitch a tent and there is a public toilet beside one of them.
In general, visitors seem to head to the west of the island but Tolsta should be considered if you are here and there is a run of strong westerlies. There are numerous Lochs to the north and west of Tolsta, some of which contain very big trout as well as the usual lochs full of small stuff. The lochs at the top of the Garry river contain lots of sea trout as well as the odd salmon. no need for a permit either!
The other "secret" salmon river where noone gets a permit is the Arnol river..... check it out after a flood for some fun!


HI Laxdale,

Thanks very much for this info on Tolsta. Sounds grand. I think we might head there for 2 days then, like you said most tourists do, we will head to the West coast for a few days. We are staying near Mangersta. Looking to do as much trouting and pollocking as possible. A few mackies for the BBQ (if we can light one) is also part of the plan...

Is there anything like a roving permit for the island trout fishing or do you need to get a ticket for each water?

Thanks again for your advice.



Ideally, you contact the local estate for permission to fish, although few bother. As long as you are not on a migratory system it is highly unlikely anyone will bother you as long as you are out of sight.
Over in Uig, the owners will be in residence for the next few weeks and will be both stalking and grouse shooting. Be warned they will take the hump if disturbed.
If you park up in Achmore and walk to the south, there are numerous lochs to fish and you will NOT be upsetting anyone.
As you are in Mangersta, (a wil beach even on a calm day), you can get plenty mackerel from the Cliff Bay rock or drive to the end of the road and fish just past the beach at Brenish for all sorts at this time of year. Do not even try if there is a sea running as you would not be the first person to go swimming due to a rogue wave. Once in, you will not get out.

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