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Started by loch coulter, June 06, 2016, 12:51:48 PM

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loch coulter

Anyone help or advise, some sites i go on to like u tube and a few others wont let me view them , they are saying my browser is unsupported and to update it or change to another browser, when i try any of this same thing happens as sites like Mozilla, google chrome etc, tell me myi am on an unsupported browser, far as i know my system is windows vista and my browser is IE9, do i need a new laptop or can this be resolved. Thanks in advance for any answers. :?


Microsoft no longer supports Vista- that might be the cause of your problem. But there are wiser gents on the forum. Wait for their replies!
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Have you tried getting the latest version of firefox?


Have to agree with Fred on this one Firefox

loch coulter

have tried this but it wont happen!


It might just be a Codec problem. A Codec is what is used to code/decode videos.

Download install it and see if that helps.
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loch coulter

Thanks for the help guys, managed to get firefox and things are working a lot better :8)


I always got along OK with Firefox altho' my lads are both a bit scathing about it  :?  I was encouraged to move to Google Chrome v10 and now have problems loading any photos to this forum altho' it was a bit hit and miss before too but not so bad. I have pretty much stopped trying now but I use the still installed Firefox from time to time.  :roll: :roll:
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I was having problems loading photo on here as well Fred advised me to get Firefox, problems solved

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