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Started by superscot, May 14, 2017, 10:08:14 PM

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Decided to have a wee run through to Stirling for a look at a new angling shop for me it was. Angling Active on the outskirts of Stirling and easy car journey for most.

Fair selection of gear from the cheap to the outrageous be it rods / reels or clothing, My shocker was a pair of waders at £900 yip £900 big yins ....... Simms of course thoughts is there must be a demand for this type of costly apparell or they would not make it ! Still worth a wee wander round for a few hours

Web site as follows

rannoch raider

They're very good to deal with. Prompt delivery and great service.


I've popped in a few times when work has taken me up Dundee direction. Big store and similar to GAC. Good tying section. Also used them online and they were very good. ( not on commission  :lol:)


My local store. Very helpful staff and knowledgeable. Good for online too.
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