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Looking to buy a 1 man tent and sleeping bag...

Started by sagecirca, June 11, 2017, 06:09:48 PM

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.....what say you?

Not fussed about budget...I would just like the best/lightest there is.

Will be for late Spring/Summer/early Autumn use only.

Thanks in advance chaps

rannoch raider


I have a Terra Nova tent which is a very good tent but although one of the most compact it is still quite bulky when packing into a rucksack with everything else needed. It has kept me and my kit dry in some pretty wet and windy conditions. Because of the bulk, I bought a hooped gortex bivvy bag which is lighter and packs away much more easily. The downside is less space inside but I find it worth it if hiking any distance (which I rarely do nowadays).
A friend who fishes with me bought a Snugpak Ionosphere from Tiso for £150 and it is a very good for overnighting.
Having tried several sleeping bags over the years I settled on a Rab down 2/3-season model that has served me well for many years everywhere from overnighting in the Highlands to camping out on the Ball Pass glacier in NZ. It is light and packs very small. An excellent piece of kit and well worth the money.

PS. You will never pack your tent as small as it is in the shop!


You would have great difficulty in finding any tent reviewer for serious hill use who would not give their first vote to the Hilleberg Atko as a great one-man tent. The Enan model is a wee bit lighter but for real all-weather use the Atko has superb build quality and it is a classic that has been used all over the world. That said, if you are a really quite tall then a light two-man might be better. I am not tall but go for space and I have a Nallo2 from Hilleberg which is also a great tent.

Sleeping bags ..... look at the Montane ones as they have a very good value for money range, like nearly all their kit. I have a Montane Featherlight at 860 grams and also a Terra Nova Voyager 800 which is 845 grams. Both are goose down fill so have to be kept dry !!
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One man tents are very small, you might do better considering a 2 man? The extra space is useful and with modern tents doesn't add much weight.

I have a Vaude Power Lizard SUL which is rated at 1 - 2 man. It is ultra-light and a really nice tent. There is a new version but I picked mine up end of line for less than £200 but they are now around £430ish. I think they are around 1kg but for me one of the great advantages of it is how small it packs, I was surprised at how big a difference that made to my life.

The Power Lizard was, maybe still is, the lightest two man tent on the market. It is a single hoop design with two small poles either end to add head/foot room. In my view this design is not as easy to get a decent tight pitch on rough ground but I'm camping in pretty impossible places anyhow. I think Vaude rate it as 3 season.

Despite the fact that I got mine cheap if it was to need replacement then I think I'd pay full price for another one and there are very few bits of gear I have that, if a replacement was required, I wouldn't give some alternative solution a try just in case I was missing out.


I would also say what are advertised as 2 man tents are the way to go. I don't know what men they were measuring when they came up with the numbers. Hobbits maybe. The weight difference between 1 and 2 man tents would be negligible if you have a decent budget. Get one with a porch as well to put rucksack etc under without having to drag wet gear inside the tent itself.


Thanks for all the suggestions and links lads.  Much appreciated


For what it's worth I'd go 2 man as well, I'm not a particularly big guy but if I was trying to get one of my mates to share my 2 man vango banshee it'd be a bit cosy for my liking  :gay4 gives a bit of room to get a few things inside and there's room under the fly sheet for boots etc.
I can't comment on everything else on the market but I like it and it's a hundred quid, don't know how the weight compares to other tents but seems ok to me, I don't get too hung up on the weight of gear tbh


A serious mountain guy I have been on the hill and climbed with on and off for 35 years says "The best one man tent you can get is the best lightweight two man tent because you will always fill the space and you will always be more comfortable". He is right  :D :D
My Nallo2 is 2.3 Kg but it is a palace with a big sheltered entry porch area. If you are halfway fit and not planning an ultra-light, multi-day traverse of the likes of the GR20 then a reliable roomy shelter is hard to beat. 
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