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Ad Blocker Threat

Started by Wildfisher, November 02, 2017, 10:28:39 AM

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I see google reckon ad blockers are costing them and their Youtube content providers vast sums in lost revenue, billions,  and some are saying they threaten the model of free to use internet. Certainly the amount of copycat ad supported junk on Youtube is astonishing as the unemployable scramble to jump on the quick buck bandwagon.  The number of formulaic landscape photography channels is incredible and they are pretty much all the same.   

Some of the content is of course very good, but separating the wheat from the chaff is time consuming.  I use an ad blocker and would be hard pressed to disable it, as much for security reasons as anything and if you are on a slow connection or a fixed  bandwidth payment plan they can save you a lot of money and much annoyance.

I do wonder where this is going to go.


I use one too. Where I am asked to turn it off for access I might consider same if I really, really, really, otherwise I go elsewhere.


I use Adblock Plus and just come off any site that displays a popup. I have used Adblock Plus to remove the popup :)

Click on the Adblock Plus icon/Block Element and try clicking on the popup, reload the page, popup gone. Doesn't always work though :)
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