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I need a new sleeping bag.....................

Started by emc, June 08, 2018, 03:41:47 PM

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Not exactly for camping but you guys are probably more likely to have the knowledge to give decent advice!

I need a new sleeping bag for sailing.  :crap This year it's Orkney, next year it might be the Med or Norway. Spring, summer and autumn. Luggage space is at a premium so packed size is of the essence but weight slightly less so as I'm unlikely to have to lug it around on my back.

I'd like one with a zip although most seem to have them these days. Struggling in and out of my 40 year old Black's Tromso in a confined space has become too much for me!

Happy to fork out a realistic amount of money, not looking to pay silly money but happy to pay more than a tenner!

I've looked at some of the camping sites but the choice is baffling - so any advice would be much appreciated.



For boat use, I ended up with a Duvalay compact sleeping bag which is basically a duvet attached to a memory foam mattress. It does not pack as small as the best sleeping bags but it is much more versatile for use in varying temperatures and really easy to get in and out. I am very pleased with mine.


Don't worry, be happy.
Carried it in full, then carry it out empty.

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First consideration might well be relating to dampness and wet conditions in the boat. Artificial fibre could be a better choice than down which, once wet, is very hard to fully dry out. There are now water repellant treated downs for camping but not cheap! Modern hollow fibre bags are good and weight is not critical in a boat.
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I have an allergy to down and so have to use an artifical bag, but that might be something you'd want on a boat anyhow?

Clearly down will be more compressible so if you must have small then it is probably the way to go.

For my camping I use a synthetic Snugpack bag, I think it is this one but am not 100% sure as they all look the same to me:

It packs down pretty small and has a reasonable weight/warmth ratio taking into account price and that it is synthetic. What I will say is that for me the -7 comfort rating is a complete fabrication and I'd guess most people will find this bag to work in the 0 to +5 degrees range in the real world and knowing that Snugpack can be a bit generous with their ratings that is the sort of temps I bought it for. I find it comfortable and usable and it has worked for me up to now but on the other hand it's the only bag I've ever had so I can't compare it with the options.

I think a lot of their market is the military so the bag has been relatively robust and it is also quite large when compared to some of the commercial ones and that makes it more comfortable, though for someone small like me probably actually lowers the efficiency.


Thanks for the input - I hadn't seen either of these.

Unfortunately bulk and weight is an issue for me in getting to the boat, not necessarily on board. By the time I've packed my rough weather gear , boots and lifejacket etc I'm already on my second bag.

Gets eyes going sky ward from the skipper!

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