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2-3 man tent

Started by caorach, June 27, 2018, 03:41:53 PM

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A few years back I got myself a Vaude Power Lizard 1-2 person tent from Uttings at a very good price (£200) and I noticed that they have the 2-3 person version at an eyewatering, but good compared to retail, price.

I have a sort of feeling that they might be discontinuing the Power Lizard range, indeed they might already have done so and I'm well behind the times but I don't make much effort to keep up with these things.

The big advantage with the Power Lizard, based on my experience with the 1-2 person version, is the light weight and good pack size and I'd guess that the 2 - 3 person version will be roomy for 2 and very tight for 3. Mine makes a great wild fishing tent though it can be a bit "flappy" in a wind and due to the fabric it is prone to a bit of sag when wet.


Worth keeping an eye out on Ebay and similar for a Hilliberg Nallo2. They come up from time to time also the Atko one man. Both superb tents.
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Quote from: Element on June 27, 2018, 09:34:50 PM
Quality brand.. it will last for years if well looked after.. mine is 20yrs old and still excellent.. 3man but it's 4 season and weighs in at a full 2kgs heavier than this one at Uttings- but fabric technology has moved on some in 2 decades!

Once you go to 4 season and have to consider snow then the weight increases pretty fast, or the money goes through the roof, or both. I noticed that there was now a 1 man double skin tent that came in at 490g in total including pegs, bags etc. In its day I believe the Power Lizard was the lightest tent at something around the 1kg so it is amazing how things move on. However, the money moves on as well and the light 1 man tent is, errr, £800ish. I only get a few nights out each year so it was a stretch to justify the £200 I paid for mine but I do hope it will last me 20 years and that will spread the cost a bit, even if I only manage 20 nights out in it then £10 per night isn't too bad considering the cost of a hotel :-)


had this sent to me online, thought id share it with the members.


UK firm Alpkit do decent solid gear at reasonable prices and have some tents worth a look. Not mega lightweight but the 1.3kg ordos 2-man would also be worth a look:-


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