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Any of you tried this?

Started by Wildfisher, December 08, 2018, 02:15:38 PM

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Seems like a bit of a rigmarole  :shock: think I'll stick to my cous cous and noodles with the odd pack of chicken flung in. Last time I was only overnight so took a pre made tarka daal, pre cooked rice and some chicken tikka, washed down with an ipa cooled down in a burn :8)


That's what I thought, but if you are cooking anyway then the dehydration only needs time not supervision. I thought the guy said the gizmo cost about £200 which seems a bit OTT   :shock:


We have a dehydrator- did not spend £200 on it!
Not used for meals, but have had success with herbs, chillies, raspberries, sliced beetroot and so on from the garden.
It is a noisy bugger, so it runs in the shed.
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You'd have to be doing a lot of camping to justify the 200 quid  :shock: the guy probably just took a notion for one the way we do  :lol:


Quote from: Lochan_load on December 08, 2018, 05:18:37 PM
the guy probably just took a notion for one the way we do  :lol:

With 30 rods in the loft I'm keeping my trap shut.........................  :lol:


I've acquired 3 rods recently in a variety of ways, I've got my eye on another I'd like to make and I barely get the chance to fish  :roll:


I'd often thought of giving it a try but most dehydrators seem to be aimed at drying fruit - i.e. the trays are plastic or metal mesh and so less than ideal for drying a cooked meal that may have a sauce on it which would just drip through the holes.

Over the last while I've been using quite a few freeze dried meals as they are handy, easy to make, and light to carry if you don't have to carry the water as well. However they are expensive and the cost over the year can easily come to a few hundred quid! In a way it is a sort of catch 22 problem as I tend to eat out a lot in a year and so get fed up with sandwiches or cous cous or whatever and like variety but, because I eat out a lot, getting variety pushes the price up. The other thing is that making and dehydrating food isn't free either, so while freeze dried food might come with a premium in cost terms the "make your own" solution isn't free either and this can start to make freeze dried look like a reasonable approach.

To be honest I don't have the perfect solution so freeze dried might only be a passing fad for me.

corsican dave

i came across this idea on a winter campsite in north wales about 20 years ago. the folks opposite invited me over, which was very kind of them. they'd made a curry with a rich sauce. the food tasted AWESOME. if you can be bothered with the investment and the rigmarole (and if you're really going to be that far from fresh produce....... ) I'd say it really is a great way of having top-quality camping meals.
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Quote from: corsican dave on December 08, 2018, 06:58:23 PM
I'd say it really is a great way of having top-quality camping meals.

For sure - AND the only sure way of getting enough to eat is making your own portions. 

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