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Scam Warning

Started by Inchlaggan, April 29, 2021, 05:57:16 AM

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The online "Healing Crystal" emporium has warned of some benefit-scrounging, illegal-immigrant, jakeys selling fake purple malachite on t'interweb.
Don't fall for their nonsense, it will screw up your chakras, only get your purple malachite from a reputable dealer.

(I'll save you a few seconds on Google- you are correct, malachite is green.)
'til a voice as bad as conscience,
rang interminable changes,
on an everlasting whisper,
day and night repeated so-
"Something hidden, go and find it,
Go and look beyond the ranges,
Something lost beyond the ranges,
Lost and waiting for you,


I have been using a yellow piece of genuine malachite hanging on a string over my bed and for many years it has stopped me from getting pregnant. So I believe that it works.  :shock: :shock:
~  <°))))):><       ~   <°))))):><


I'm colour blind. I put malachite red in the goldfish bowl.

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