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How do you fish this?

Started by Wildfisher, February 27, 2024, 02:43:34 PM

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We used to fish here when we were kids, it was a decent pike and perch pond. 40 years on the willows and the water lilies have encroached and made access difficult to say the least. How would you fish here now?



...I'm thinking ae getting a Machete for the banks ae thi Luther... 8) ...everywhere is jungle warfare these days..
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Aye, everywhere is the same. Most of the Lunan is unfishable by early summer.

Hill loch gold

Probably need a chainsaw or polesaw to clear some branches in a couple of spots fred.
Maybe more hassle than it's worth?


Quote from: Hill loch gold on February 27, 2024, 11:24:48 PMMaybe more hassle than it's worth?

I don't even know if it still holds fish Alan. t's half the size it used to be. Just proves that if you don't maintain a fishery it goes to hell in a handcart.

andy m

is that a tunnel or a old bridge Fred in the middle of that pond hard too see even zoomed in , is really overgrown now though you might find one wee space fir a cast wee spinning rod in a Mepp would be worth a go if there's any perch kicking about, a wonder when the last person had a go there might be a few surprises of the size of the perch or pike if any are left comarants seem every where these days , was this a maintained pond at one time Fred for fishing and were you allowed to fish it free for perch and pike


Float-tube or sit on top kayak is the answer. Failing that, bubble float!
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No bridges or tunnels there Andy, it's just all overgrown. It was never an official fishing venue, on the contrary, the old major who owned it used to chase us for our lives!  ;D

andy m

so was it just the one pond Fred the middle part that looks as though it's rhododendron growing across it looks as though you could cross it , wee corner up the top left part looks fishable but could be very shallow , and maybe the bit that comes down from the right side hill with the mature trees it like someone's been on a bike and went into that corner wee space between the trees , at lest if you go back that auld major will not bother you again Fred


2 pools Andy separated by that central strip of land. Oddly the right hand pool was much the biggest one and although they have both filled in that one has suffered most. The surrounding land was and is still swamp. Without the drone there would be no way to appreciate the changes.

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