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We fished the giant trout river

Started by Wildfisher, February 27, 2024, 07:03:28 PM

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Alex and I last fished this river in March 2023. Don't think we had anything over 3/4 lb   ;D

What happened I hear you cry!

Well that's simple. By March (our September)  these huge fish are long gone. They are not resident and only run the river in late winter / early spring to spawn.

The  "secret" river is the Ohau near Twizel and while we just arrived and fished, you can't do that during the runs. It has been on Youtube so often it was getting to be like Sauchie Hall street so Fish & Game introduced a ballot system for permits. Do not get caught fishing without being in the ballot. It's not like here, no ticking off and being sent on your way, nope, you get a heavy fine and your gear will be confiscated until the fine is paid. Oh, and your passport will be registered with immigration so they'll get you at the airport if you think you can sneak off.

The banks of this river are dreadful with boulders, gorse, wild rose bushes and that NZ special matagouri (Google it).

Oh, and the wading is deadly.  ;D

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