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One Of Tom's Coos!

Started by Wildfisher, April 28, 2024, 12:55:47 PM

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Along at Balgavies Loch. This is one of my most popular photos! :)

highland cow.jpg


When we lived in Oban there was a long bend on the Loch Etive shore going east from Connel to Taynuilt. The estate had Highland coos and it was a seriously bad traffic prang hotspot for tourists stopping for holiday photos. Stop on the bend rather than walk back a hundred yards !!
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They are certainly a great tourist attraction!  :)


One of the cows ended up on the Visit Scotland Instagram account. 60,000 likes. How do I get the image rights?!!


They are a local attraction for sure. That pic is a few years old now, looks like a young beast! :)


I took this one that used to be at the coffee shop as you drive north out of Callander.

Don't worry, be happy.
Carried it in full, then carry it out empty.

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Some set of horns on that one Sandy


I was booted off a NC500 group for laughing at them all wanting pictures of toffee paper cows.


Quote from: Laxdale on May 03, 2024, 06:10:24 PMI was booted off a NC500 group
What on earth were you doing on an NC500 group?  Covert surveillance of the enemy?   ;D 


Quote from: Wildfisher on May 03, 2024, 07:05:10 PMWhat on earth were you doing on an NC500 group?  Covert surveillance of the enemy?   ;D 
am in both the anti NC500 groups, and the ones offering advice to the N500 tourists. It all helps in trying to understand the mindset of visitors to the island. Also, piss taking opportunities abound.

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