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Trade in your fleece for a flack jacket!

Started by Wildfisher, May 25, 2024, 12:12:39 PM

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Had a stroll up to a lovely hill loch I know in a sheltered corrie only to find  the place is now leased to a shooting club from Kent for target shooting with high velocity rifles.

Result = wildlife disturbed and gone and access restricted in likely violation of access laws.

Given the popularity of the area with the public it is also extremely dangerous as much of he shooting is very long range. There are targets on the cliffs along the top of which runs a footpath. One stray bullet or ricochet and it's curtains!

It is  just a matter of time until a serious incident occurs. How this could ever have been allowed is flabbergasting.

If anyone could be bothered reporting it it's my guess this operation would not bear up to scrutiny and an investigation by the socialist media would have it closed down.

Estates hate negative publicity. I'm not going to say where it is!

hill lch.jpg


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Are there warning notices up? If not it could be a police matter.
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Check to see if the range is home office approved.

If it is they will have completed the necessary risk assessments.

Having shit in many rifle ranges it's very hard to imagine the public are at risk if it's been approved and has qualified range commanders running the shooting there.


We spoke to 2 individuals from the shooting club, one very nice lady and later a chap who seemed to have a  bit of a gung-ho attitude. Both were OK although I was left with the impression they didn't really understand Scottish access law.

There are signs up, but signs don't stop bullets. Where they are shooting is on the route of a very popular circular walk.

Might well be all OK and above board although knowing how strict UK gun law is it is all rather astonishing.

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