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Title: Reports Section Access Requirements
Post by: admin on April 17, 2010, 06:00:47 PM
Reports Section Access Requirements

The World Wide Web is a big place and our Reports Section contains sensitive and privileged information. In order to discharge our responsibilities as a conservation-minded  web site, and to ensure our membership is confident and happy to continue posting  reports without worrying about contributing to new or  excessive and detrimental fishing pressures, poaching, littering, anti-social behaviour etc  access to the Reports Section is not automatic and is restricted to Senior Members only.  In addition to this some other boards are also restricted  to Senior Members.

Senior Members are regular trusted contributors to the forum who have made at least 25 useful posts, whose real identity is known  and who donate to help with forum running costs. Continued access is conditional on continuing  useful contribution to this community.

Please do not post junk to get your post count up - such posts will be removed and the poster's account may be deleted. Information in this section is also blocked to search engines. On no account must information or photographs  from this section be published elsewhere, including other areas of this forum; this is a strict condition of access.

Access is manually enabled by the moderators / admin. Any Senior Member who does not have access must apply by PM to admin or to a moderator for access.

There is an  Open Reports Board where all members can post.