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Glasgow Casting Club

Started by Blanefishing, August 13, 2009, 11:42:49 AM

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I had intended to chuck a couple of dead fish at apparently non-existent pike today, but due to a lack of motivation I didn't and went to Knightswood instead.

I was on my lonesesome and so headed to Auchinstarry for some company.

I can report that water is in the Knightswood pond, as are swans :)

Protect the edge.


I had intended to go over yesterday, Alex, but Tom, who was to be my driver for the day, is laid low with a heavy cold. However, my cast was removed today and, hopefully, I'll soon be on the road again for next week.
Good news that the pond is a liquid asset again !



I'd be all up for trying to help with the casting club but I moved significantly further away than an easy commute  :lol: What it needs is interest and by that I mean real interest, the kind that kept the same folks coming back week after week and not the chap that turns up just to milk free instruction the moans when they don't get one to one help all night long.

Craig and Alan both have the enthusiasm to keep everything going, Craig's got an approach to perfection driven by obsession, and it works! We might pursure things a little harder in the casting field than others, sometimes you get ridiculed for it but I can tell you one thing, it makes the largest difference imaginable when you want to adapt to all kinds of different fly fishing in different places with different equipment. Get involved if you can.

Don't worry about the BFCC Alan, I did the GCC proud :lol: And since that date I have not lifted a fly rod since they all currently live in Coatbridge and I'm in London, I'll address that over Christmas though when I pick up all my gear.


Can't make it this weekend I'm afraid as I'll be busy catching nothing elsewhere in salty water. Otherwise I'd have gone.

Protect the edge.


Schrodinger's troots pictured above.


Quote from: Alan on November 27, 2013, 05:52:46 PM
I can't believe non attendance guilt had spread to London and the US :lol:

Pretty poor excuses in my view.  :lol:


Scotty9 as some of you will know, has developed into something of a whizz kid at casting a fly and now holds a heap of qualifications as an instructor.

It's nice to see him giving credit to the Glasgow Casting Club where he went from a novice caster to master caster in a short time.

Not that we helped him all that much except to debate techniques, offer advice and critique and gave him some fellow nutters to practice casting with as, well as a venue. 

Scott was, and is, a very driven young person and put a lot of effort and practice into his casting, resulting in him being an excellent caster of a fly.


Protect the edge.


Scott is an  example of what young, forward looking Scottish people  who don't look for excuses and other people  to blame can achieve in the UK.

Whining, moaning bastards  achieve nothing, driven, forward looking people do.

Well done Scott, one day you will be a multi-millionaire, good luck to you mate!  :8)


His parents live near us and the last time I saw spoke to him was in the local hotel. I think he lives in London now, good to hear that he is doing so well.
Don't worry, be happy.
Carried it in full, then carry it out empty.

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