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Lunan Run Starts Early

Started by Wildfisher, October 09, 2014, 06:11:40 PM

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I was down having a look at the river this morning and found that the autumn run has already started, triggered early  by the recent spate.

An annual event that's always great to see!

Best viewed full screen at 720HD

Lunan Run 09-10-2014


great film are those finnock seem to be fairly small fish but nothing really to scale them against?


It looked to me like a mix of small sea trout / finnock, some were bright silver,  plus a lot of browns and I'm sure I saw two small salmon. It's really hard to say though. To be honest, the river was running really dirty brown  and I didn't expect to see fish running in such mucky water.


Very good Fred, nothing going up the ladder again ?


Not a single fish in the ladder Eric. The flow is much too fast at that level of water. In fact I only saw two small fish trying to get up the near side and that's usually where you see most of them. Obviously it's not as cut and dried as some suggest. The fish use different parts of the weir at different water levels.

The only real solution is removal of the dyke. It serves no purpose and it would  do the fish a huge favour as well as complying with the WFD. The Trust / Board really have to give that serious consideration and get rid of the other obstacle on the Vinny at Friockheim. That's even worse as it gets blocked with flood debris.


Totally agree with that Fred, maybe instead of repairing the ladder a couple of years ago we should have let it go the same way as Morphie Dyke.
Not sure if you have posted it on the Trust web site but might let the rest see the problems the fish are having getting over the dyke.


I'll do that Eric and email all the trustees so they can have a look.


I don't think the colour of the water makes any difference to the fish running. I have caught Cowie sea-trout in coffee coloured water.
Schrodinger's troots pictured above.


Fred you had a wee go with the time lapse yet !


why was the wier originally put in?

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