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Wharral bothy

Started by hopper, March 02, 2017, 09:08:19 PM

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The bothy at loch Wharral is now open to the public for use. Wharral and Brandy are two popular trout lochs so how long will it be before another two lochs get the ned treatment.
This was announced on the Mountain Bothies Scotland with 8000 members the question is already being asked about the fishing on the loch.


What kind of insanity is this? Is that not on Dee Ward's Rottal estate? I thought he would have had more sense.

RIP Loch Wharral.  :roll:


Quote from: admin on March 02, 2017, 09:16:45 PM
What kind of insanity is this? Is that not on Dee Ward's Rottal estate? I thought he would have had more sense.
Educated guess, based on a rumour from an informed source.
MBA is a charity, they cannot restrict access to members only (some exceptions will apply) they must serve the general public in order to do good and maintain charitable status under the rules of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). The same approach is being taken with the charitable status of fee-paying schools- open up or charitable status is removed.
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Aye Fred Rottal estate, I am surprised that Dee Ward has been opened up maybe not shooting there now and just given in to the amount of walkers that do the circular. The road is like a dual carriageway up to it now.


WTF do you need a bothy for at Wharral?  It's hardly remote. 

Genuine walkers are not likely to be attracted there, what would be the point? It will be a magnet for the worst kind of so called "anglers".

Dee must have lost his mind allowing this.


Yesterday, in the mighty fine Watermill bookshop/cafe in Aberfeldy, I had a run through the many colourful pages on the the new book just in print .... The Scottish Bothy Bible, by Geoff Allan.  He is the bothy MO for one of the two MBA bothies on Rum. This gives all the property details and colour piccies and routes to follow to go there plus listings categorised into groups of five .... Top Five for Scenery, Top Five for Wildlife, Top Five for Easy Access, Top Five for Coastal Location etc etc
You get the general idea.
This will pull in lots of fresh usage as has already been seen from the German and other websites giving info for walkers from Europe. On Skye last year I suggested to a couple of youngsters that they take a photo with their phone of my map since they had no map and were just setting off along the coast for a bothy. So my suggestion was made to try and help them out rather than have them get lost!
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I intended to fish Brandy this year, is the climb that bad? Doesn't look too fierce from the car park


There's a good path all the way up but it is a steep climb.

Tony, I thought it was Brandy that had Pike not Wharral.


The  first 1/3 of the walk up to Brndy is brutal, then it eases  off. It's not at all bad. I have only seen pike in the shallow outlet bay where there is enough cover for them to ambush fish. The rest of the loch is weedless, deep and quite unstable for pike hunting tactics. They can't swim fast for long distances (which is why they fight so poorly for their size compared to the marathon runners we call salmonids) and the trout can avoid  them with ease judging by the number of trout in there. It's a good loch, fish are mainly small but I have had them up to 1 1/2lb.   Go during the week unless you enjoy fishing in the company of screaming kids and swimming dugs.


Thanks for that, I always fish in the week Fred, unless on a beach close by.

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