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Started by hopper, March 26, 2019, 12:26:20 PM

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Anybody else on here had an upsurge in call from Microsoft asking you do go to your computer and do all sorts of things, third call today. The guy on the other end didn't take it to kindly when I blew a loud whistle down the phone.  :D
They are using local phone numbers to make contact so people answer.


I am getting "This is BT, we are about to disconnect your landline..."
'til a voice as bad as conscience,
rang interminable changes,
on an everlasting whisper,
day and night repeated so-
"Something hidden, go and find it,
Go and look beyond the ranges,
Something lost beyond the ranges,
Lost and waiting for you,


........ but we don't use BT!

Still waiting for HMRC to come and arrest me too!

johnny boy

If you have the time (and inclination) tell them your going to switch on the PC, its in the other room.

Put the phone down on your worktop and ignore until it.


Funny you should mention that I got something similar last week. They really are getting clever these scammers you really got to be on your toes. Some are quite convincing I can see why some people are duped. I can remember when it was Prince Odinga Odinga that wanted me to control his vast fortune by just giving him my bank details, wasn't all that long ago. Way I have always looked at it is that when I leave my house on a morning someone somewhere is trying to relieve me of my hard earned cash.
Tight Lines
" The Future's Bright The Future's Wet Fly"

Nemo me impune lacessit


I get missed calls on my mobile number nearly every day. Usually 0131 numbers. Sometimes as many as 5 or 6 calls from the same number in the same day. Googling the number almost always returns either something to do with PPI or the car accident that you've not actually had. Not actual scams but still very irritating and dishonest.


Plenty of scammers on the go .....golden rule todays modern phones can block numbers and text from numbers that you dont want calls from. If anything comes in thats not on my friends /family lists simply not answered ....its them that pay for the call 


I told one guy to go fxxk off ... He called back to protest and told me he would report my car licence to the HMRC  :roll: :roll:  I told him to Fxxk off again !!
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If you want to really piss them off the dog whistle is a good one then listen to them  :D


I ask them....
If they just want my bank details and insist they get a pen and paper.

They absolutely hate it.

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