An excellent fishing based fiction by Ken Brown. Futuristic yet rooted in the present in ways many of us will identify with.


I walked down to the loch to check on the boat, this was a long-planned fishing trip and nothing could be left to chance. I sat on the rock and watched the boat return to shore, lift out of the water and beach itself perfectly beside me as I knew it would. I just had to be there to see it happen. It had covered the whole loch in under an hour scanning every cubic metre of the water from bed to surface. The data it had collected would already have been uploaded and the analysis completed, there was no need for me to be there other than the reassurance that another stage of the planning that had begun five years ago had been successfully completed.

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Early Spring At The Lochan

thumbThe storm died during the night and morning mist and frost now grips the glen.

It's early April and after one of the longest and coldest winters for many years March brought a succession of gales and rain. Front followed front, crossing the country from the south west; not pleasant, but at least it was mild and rolled back most of the blanket of snow that had covered the hills

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Sheltered Rocky Place

thumbIt's that time of year again- the time that I find the most difficult to bear. The long closed season is almost at an end and I'm beginning to find the “cabin fever” insufferable. It's around about now that  I start pouring over maps to plan some adventures for the season ahead.

Perhaps one of the more fascinating elements of looking at maps of Scotland are the Gaelic place names. The use of hyphens and accent notes above some letters give the names an ancient and slightly ethereal look to them- as if written by some unearthly race that abandoned this world long ago. Of course, the meanings

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Ballyduff Bridge Salmon Fishery


The River ran dark as it carried the night’s rain from Co. Kerry and the mist was lifting as I

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