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Title Published Date Author
Tradition 14 June 2016 Written by Ken Brown
Early Spring At The Lochan 14 September 2015 Written by Fred Carrie
Sheltered Rocky Place 01 February 2015 Written by Brian Morrison
Ballyduff Bridge Salmon Fishery 08 May 2014 Written by Paul Kay
New Wildfisher Stream Stealth Fly Line 27 December 2013 Written by editor
Burnin' Love 28 June 2013 Written by Bob Legget
Jam doughnuts and Brandy 15 June 2013 Written by Bruce Sandison
The Big Sedge 04 May 2013 Written by Allan Hutton
Georgina Ballantine 03 May 2013 Written by Bruce Sandison
Up North 26 February 2013 Written by Brian Morrison