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Title Published Date Author
13 – Lucky For Some? 27 November 2009 Written by Jamie Marwick
24 Hours At The Storm Loch 31 October 2010 Written by Fred Carrie
A Braw Day On The Braan 27 December 2010 Written by Brian Tulloch
A day on Toftingall 28 May 2007 Written by editor
A Dram And A Dream Of Fishing 01 July 2007 Written by Bruce Sandison
A Female Angle 06 October 2008 Written by Yvonne Cowie
A First Hill Loch 08 November 2010 Written by Angus Cameron
A holiday in trout fishing paradise 27 October 2006 Written by Steve Greig
A Learning Curve 06 October 2008 Written by Vince Smith
A Paean To Loch Thom 06 August 2008 Written by Ian Cramman