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Fly Pattern Step By Step Index

Started by Wildfisher, March 03, 2007, 10:22:30 AM

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We are accumulating and excellent library of step by steps for flies. Thanks to Scotfly (Dennis) for his great effort. Doing these must take up many hours of his time. The step by step index if not  just for Dennis'  work though, anyone can submit a step by step. Col has already done so. Have a go and I'll add it to the index.

Ace of Spades:
Ally's Shrimp:;topicseen
Ammonite Nymph:
Ascension Flymph:;topicseen
Baetis Nymph:
BHS (Big Hairy Sedge):
Black and Red Tube Fly:;topicseen
Black Chenille:
Black Joe:
Black Mel:
Black Midge:;topicseen
Black Pennel:
Black Spider:
Black and Peacock Spider X3:
Blae and Black:
Blakeston's Buzzer:
Blue dun para:
Blue Peter Ross:
Blue Zulu:
Blushing and Near Perfect Buzzer:
Brambridge caddis:
Brassie Flymph:
Brass Parcours
Brown Turkey:
Brown sedge:
Brown Sedge 2:
Bubble Midge:
Bubble Wing Sedge x2:
Buittle Pig Pen:;topicseen
Camasunary Killer:;topicseen
Carotene Piglet:
Cascade (+ Shrimp Style Cascade):
C and C Midge:   
CDC Split Wing Dun:;topicseen
CDC Flexi -olive Dun:
CDC Suspender Buzzer:
Chili Pepper:
Chucks October Caddis :
Claret Bumble:
Claret Bumble 2:;
Claret Leon :
Copper John:
Curved hook (emerger) cdc flexi -olive sbs:
Daddy Longlegs:
Daddy Long Legs X3:
Damsel Nymph:
Dark Olive Bloa:
Darned Pesky Rabbit:
Deer Hair Floating Fry:
Deer hair Sedge:;
Deer hair Sedge (Wyatt):
Detached Body Hawthorn:
D.H.E. :
Diawl Flashbach:
Dirty Poly Emerger Hi-Viz:
Dirty Polly:
Duck 'n' Dive:
Egg laying sedge:
Elk Hair Caddis:
Elk Hair Emerger:
Elk Hair Caddis Parachute:
Endrick Spider:
E-Z Bugger:
Flamethrower Aubergine:
Flash Fly (doubles up as a handy xmas decoration):
Flashing Hare's Ear:
Fluorescent blue tail spider:
Foam Daddy:
Furry fly:
Furry nymph:
Fuzzy Pheasant Tail Nymph:
Garden Nymph:   
Garry Dog:
Gold Head Pheasant Tail Nymph:
Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear:
Gold Thorax PTN:
Greenwell Spider:
Grey Monkey:
Hair Hackled Elk Hair Caddis:
Hare's Ear Olive Dirty Poly Emerger:
Hare's Ear Nymph (Triple Loop):
Hare's Face Midge:
Hare Lug Gold Head (SBS):
Hawthorne (Bibio Marci):
Heckham Butcher:
Henryville Caddis:
Heron Herl Buzzer:
Hopper 2 for 1 :
Hot Creek Caddis:
Hydropsyche, free swimming:
Ivens Green and Brown Nymph:
IOBO Humpy Emerger:
Iron Blue Dun Spider:;topicseen
Jersey Herd;
Kate MacLaren:
Kate MacLaren (variation):
Karens Nymph (Fox Squirrel Nymph):
Klinkhamer Special:;topicseen
Klod Hopper:;topicseen
Lazy Buzzer:
Letort Hopper:
Loopy Pearl:;topicseen
Maggie's Shrimp:
Magic G&H Sedge:;topicseen
Magic Hammer:
Makin' Bacon Tube Fly:
Mallard and Claret:
Malcolm's Endrick Salmon Bug:
Marabou Muddler:
March Brown Emerger:
March Brown Spider:
March Brown Spider 2:
Mataura Emerger:
Mayfly Emerger:
Micro Caddis:
Mini Cats Whisker Variant:
Monofilament Snake Fly:
Moser's Balloon Caddis:
Muddle May:
My gnat:
Octanaomi (oilve):
Octa-Naomi Improved Method:     
Olive Paraloop Dun:
Olive Shrimp:;topicseen
Oliver Edwards Shrimp:
Once and Away:
Orange Invicta:
Orange Tail:
Orvis Nymph:
Palewatery iwi:
Parachute Caddis Emerger:
Parachute Hawthorne:
Parallel Weave Technique - step-by-step:
Parasitised Shrimp:
Partridge and Orange:;
Peacock Cosseboom:
Pearly Willie Ross:
Peeping And Adjusta Caddis:
Pheasant Tail Nymph:
Picket Pin:
Pike Fly :
Pink Shrimp:
Pulling Buzzer:
Purple Zulu:
Quill DHE:
Quill John:
Roy's Reverse Para:
Red Francis:
Red Palmer:
Red Tag:
RFC Dun/Spinner:
Rhyacophila (Dubbed):
Rhyacophila (Furry Foam):
Rubber Legged Wooly Bugger Cone Head:
Scott Sanchez' Mega Beetle tying sequence:
Sea Trout Muddler
Secret Weapon:
Shrek Fly:
Shrouded Buzzer:
Shucking Dark Olive:
Shucking Palewatery:
Silk Cut Shrimp:
Silk Cut Shrimp (modern):
Silver Invicta x 2:
Shipman's Buzzer:;topicseen
Shrouded Damsel:
S & M:
Snipe and Purple and Purple F Fly:
Snowshoe Emerger:
Snowshoe Midge Cluster:
Snowshoe quill Polly SbS:
Sparkle Dun:
Sparkle Pupa (Emergent and Deep):;topicseen
Stimulator 1 :
Stimulator 2 :
Suspender Buzzer:
Sweeney Todd:
Tana (tube fly):
Teal Winged Butcher:
Teeny Nymph:
The Difference:;
Tiny Adult Down Wing Midge:
Tip 2 Toe:
Transparent Minnow:
Twisted Black and Peacock Spider:
Two tone wire spider:
Upside Down Dun:
Vermont Hare's Ear:
Video Buzzer:
Voljc Sedge:
Water Walker:
Wings. Selecting, preparing and tying in:
Woolly Bugger:;topicseen
X-Files Pupa:
Yellow Floating Nymphs:
Wickham's Fancy (dry):;topicseen
Wickham's Fancy (wet):;topicseen
Willie Gunn Snaelda:
Woodcock and Mixed:
Zug Bug:;topicseen
Zulu (Wool Boddied):;topicseen


Help please.  What does an F-fly look like.  I keep hearing about it but don't know if i've seen one.  Maybe just been on a different planet !!


Can you supply more information bordertroot. What kind of dubbing are you having problems with, how are you applying it to the thread, are you using wax  :shock: etc?


Quote from: bordertroot on December 05, 2007, 11:05:06 PM
The step by step instructions are a favorite of mine,can I ask how Scotfly and others manage to get their dubbing so fine,when my dubbing goes on its like a dogs breakfast ,even using a twister.

There are basically two points you have to watch, the texture and staple ( average length) of the dubbing, and the amount you use. If the texture ( relative fineness of the fibres), is not right, it is impossible to get a fine body with it.  The method you use also affects the outcome. The dubbing mixture, ( I.e. proportions of underfur to guard hair) also affects the result. I know Scotfly has some good dubbing instructions somewhere, so I will leave it at that.



Anyone (like Dennis for example  :D) got a step by step for The Comparadun? That would e nice. It's a fly I have never fished, but I have heard Paul Proctor does rather well with it on the Don.


This is actually a sparkle dun but the comparadun is just the same with a tail rather than a shuck.

Protect the edge.


Quote from: haresear on January 02, 2008, 09:44:18 PM
This is actually a sparkle dun but the comparadun is just the same with a tail rather than a shuck.


and there is already a sparkle dun step by step here.............. :oops:


Well spotted Fred, I was just going to post this from the sparkle dun thread.  :lol:

Quote from: scotfly on March 27, 2007, 04:03:06 PM
This is the Sparkle Dun, invented by Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies in Montana. It is a variation of the Compara Dun, the only difference being the Sparkle Dun has a Z-Lon tail instead of the usual split hair or hackle tail of the Compara Dun.


have just "stumbled"across this topic, would jusy like to say what an excellent reference library.
May even find my old fly tying box and try a few of these
only dead fish go with the flow.


Hi Fred,

There appears to be a SBS missing.  :shock:

Or are Headley pattern's not allowed?  :lol:


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